Access to Affordable Medication through FamilyWize

As you know, access to affordable prescriptions continues to be very challenging for many of our clients, friends and neighbors.  Great organizations throughout our footprint are continuously looking for ways to help reduce the high cost of healthcare.  We are excited to announce that our partner FamilyWize, a long-standing Prescription Savings Program, has created a library of all available manufacturer coupons and co-pay cards that can drastically reduce the cost of brand name medications for many in your community.

Attached is a flyer explaining how easy it is for individuals to use the FamilyWize Prescription Price Tool and how simple it is for our partners to share the widget with everyone whose lives you touch.

Please consider making this innovative tool available to your clients to help them save on prescriptions to stay healthy.  In addition to this little gadget FamilyWize has many other ways to help keep people on track with their medication regimen like refill reminders, alerts when to take meds and price comparisons among pharmacies.

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