United Way of Milford would like to extend a special thank you to RICOH

United Way of Milford would like to extend a special thank you to RICOH for their generous donation of $5,425.00
from their Annual Golf Tournament


Pictured are Gary Johnson and Sherri Price, Vice President of Sales Southern New England-RICOH

RICOH holds their annual tournament at Yale which was held recently on October 17th

A heartfelt thank you for always being an outstanding supporter of United Way of Milford

The United Way of Milford

The United Way of Milford would like to share a life changing story to shed light on how your donation makes a difference


This story is just one example of how your generous donations help United Way of Milford’s partnering agencies
Meet Lilly – Today we would like to introduce you to Lilly. She is an eight-year-old member of the Boys & Girls Club of Milford and has been a part of the program for over 3 years. Lilly is an only child and lives with her loving mother Maeve. Lilly’s mom works hard to make ends meet and provide for her daughter. Even while working overtime it is still a struggle, which makes the scholarships the Club offers so important. In her own words Maeve would like to share her journey and experience with the Boys & Girls Club which is a partner agency of United Way of Milford and receives funding for many of their programs.

My daughter Lilly used to attend the after school program offered at her school. It was a struggle for me because I felt like I was spending more money for her time there than I was earning during those hours at work. We were so grateful to learn of the after school and summer camp programs the Boys & Girls Club of Milford offers, ages six and up. The program offers activities to promote learning and build confidence. It gives its members a voice, an outlet to be creative, a place to ask for help, which is always given genuinely and without judgement. Its members receive recognition for participating in programs and activities, for their hard work, achievements and even improvements. This kind of positive reinforcement goes such a long way with these kids. It’s a second home and the staff is like a second family to all. We would be lost without this program and the scholarships it offers to help families in need, like us. All, any parent wants is a successful and bright future for their child. I am thankful every day, knowing we have such amazing support and love on our journey.

Maeve Olmstead

14th Annual Indoor Golf Classic


Save the Date!

We’re Hosting Our 14th
Annual Indoor Golf Classic!

Start Your golf season off right with a fun evening
featurning a cocktail reception, buffet dinner, open bar,
raffle prizes,both live & silent auction, putting
contests, and so much more!

Friday, February 24th
6:00 – 10:30pm


Here at the United Way of Milford as part of our mission
“Together We Help People”
We are pleased to announce that we support


Milford Food 2 Kids was created to help bridge the food gap for some of our community’s neediest kids. Bags of kid-friendly-enough for at least six meals-are handed out every Friday to children identified by our partnering schools’ teachers and counselors as being the most in need.

The kids don’t know who we are and we don’t know who the kids are.

The program simply wants to feed hungry children on weekends after the school week is over. Free and reduced cost meals are available during school hours.

Please join the efforts to end hunger as United Way of Milford has done and make a difference in childrens’ lives.

For more information, contact Rev. Ashley Grant: revashley@firstunitedchurchofmilford.org
Michele Steinlauf: outreach@firstunitedchurchofmilford.org


The Finance Committee is responsible for the review of all transactions, cash disbursements, and investments to insure all the proceeds collected from the community are properly disbursed to our umbrella organizations. The committee reviews all United Way of Milford operating expenses and tracks those expenses against previous year’s expensesto insure United Way operations and campaign expenses are kept to a minimum. The committee contracts with an accountant who collects all daily business transactions, and provides a monthly P & L Statement, Balance Sheet, andexpense sheets for the committee and the United Way board members’review. The Finance Committee also contracted witha local auditing company 3 years ago to verify the accounting records and that the United Way and our accountant follow all acceptable industry accounting practices. The auditors provide this committee and the board with a yearly financial audit report and provided suggestions for improving business efficiency practices which the board has implemented. The committee also contracts with a financial advisor who maintains a portfolio of investment stocks and bonds which are held for emergencies such as disaster relief and new programs. The committee reviews the investment portfolio twice a year to review stocks and bonds performance.



As we approach the holiday season, we are so thankful for the Girl Scout successes that you made possible through your generosity!

Girl Scout Melanie Valdez ran a music program for students with autism at her school which earned her the Girl Scout Gold Award.
Together we:


Girl Scout Melanie Valdez ran a music program for students with autism at her school which earned her the Girl Scout Gold Award.

  • • Made the dream of summer camp possible for 465 girls;
  • • Provided mentorship and support to the 86 girls who earned their Gold Award.
  • • Brought Girl Scout series programming on topics such as body confidence, conflict resolution, healthy living, and STEM to nearly 7,000 girls in urban and low-income areas across the state.

Thank you again, to United Way of Milford, for your belief in the positive, life-affirming benefits that Girl Scouting offers. You do make a difference in the life of girls right here in Connecticut and we can’t thank you enough!

With gratitude for your support,

The Fund Development Team