The United Way of Milford

The United Way of Milford would like to share a life changing story to shed light on how your donation makes a difference


This story is just one example of how your generous donations help United Way of Milford’s partnering agencies
Meet Lilly – Today we would like to introduce you to Lilly. She is an eight-year-old member of the Boys & Girls Club of Milford and has been a part of the program for over 3 years. Lilly is an only child and lives with her loving mother Maeve. Lilly’s mom works hard to make ends meet and provide for her daughter. Even while working overtime it is still a struggle, which makes the scholarships the Club offers so important. In her own words Maeve would like to share her journey and experience with the Boys & Girls Club which is a partner agency of United Way of Milford and receives funding for many of their programs.

My daughter Lilly used to attend the after school program offered at her school. It was a struggle for me because I felt like I was spending more money for her time there than I was earning during those hours at work. We were so grateful to learn of the after school and summer camp programs the Boys & Girls Club of Milford offers, ages six and up. The program offers activities to promote learning and build confidence. It gives its members a voice, an outlet to be creative, a place to ask for help, which is always given genuinely and without judgement. Its members receive recognition for participating in programs and activities, for their hard work, achievements and even improvements. This kind of positive reinforcement goes such a long way with these kids. It’s a second home and the staff is like a second family to all. We would be lost without this program and the scholarships it offers to help families in need, like us. All, any parent wants is a successful and bright future for their child. I am thankful every day, knowing we have such amazing support and love on our journey.

Maeve Olmstead